From the Buddies of 4 D Boxer Buddies
We named her Maya and she is the most
playful little girl. She loves Brutus so much
and he has become so protective of her. She
even lays on him when he is sleeping.  We
love her so much and are so happy to have
made her a part of our family.
Marley is great & we couldn't be happier with
her. She loves to swim and is playful and
loving to everyone.  It has all worked out as
planned. We continue to be extremely
pleased with our little girl Marley.  I don't
know what we'd do without her.
Marley, Luke & Jill
Harley is growing like a weed.  Our sisters
visited last month with their children and
Harley loved it. She was so good with them
and was really good with the little ones. I
also think she stole my Mom's heart when
she was here to visit. Thanks for everything.
Luke, Megan & Harley
Just wanted ya'll to see what a beautiful dog
our little Ruby is turning into. We absolutely
love her.  She is a silly little 8 month old
puppy that is getting too big for her britches.  
Her temperament is wonderful and she is a
true member of our family. Thanks so much!
Leonard & Kristi
I just wanted to let you know that Toro made it
home and is doing great!  He is such a sweet
puppy, and we love him already! We couldn't
have picked a better dog, or a better family to
get him from.  We feel very fortunate to have
met your beautiful family, and when we get
ready to get another Boxer, we know who to
call.  Thank you so much!
Carissa & Lonnie
We just wanted to tell you thanks a lot for
letting us get Frio.  She is just amazing.  She
has bonded so well with us both and also
with our Weimeraner.  She is such a
character.  Everybody loves her.  Thanks
Brent & Sky
As you know, Cooper turned 1 this month
and we had a small, little birthday party for
him.  We invited all the kids to come over
and play with him and celebrate his
birthday.  My little one turned 2 also, so he
and Cooper got a birthday photo together.  
We all love Cooper and are so glad that we
ran across your ad.
It was a pleasure to see you again.  Kelli and
I sincerely appreciate your support and
patience with us through the whole process.  
Bailey is doing well.  She and Kelli actually
slept together curled up on the floor the first
night home.   Our 2-year old Puggle and
Bailey have been playing chase in the
backyard.  It was hilarious to watch as they
took turns being the chaser!  Everything is
going to be fine in our home!
Keith & Kelli
I really enjoyed seeing your family and
meeting the other dogs.  It was nice to see
where Cooper came from. I had such peace
after we left that even though I already
thought you guys took great care of your
animals, that I actually knew it.  The dogs
were well-kept and very loving, which to me
means that you truly love your dogs.  Those
puppies were so adorable!
Thank you for having us out to see the pups
today.  We definitely like your set-up and all
the dogs were beautiful.  We are looking
forward to bringing our new little guy home.
Just wanted to say I am so thankful that you
provide the quality of pups that you do!  I
really think that Az could not possibly be any
better of a K9 also!  
Az is turning out to be not only a very
important thing that my kids and I are
centering upon, but he has also bonded to
me and my children equally.  I feel he may
well be the best family dog I have ever
owned.  Thanks again, Wade and Jennifer,
for being committed to producing such
high-quality pooches."
Ruby, who is almost 2 now and really
beautiful.  She is such a major part of our
family, and we love her to death!  We still visit
your site regularly, and if we ever decide on a
third boxer baby, we will be contacting you.  
Thanks and Happy New Year!
Leonard & Kristi
I can't even express in words how much we
love our 2 puppies (Maximus & Shilo).  They
were the best Christmas presents the family
has ever received.  They are so amazing.  
They are a true extension of our family.  I
can't even believe how well they
potty-trained.  We got a doggie door for our
back sliding glass door and they had that
down within a week.  Thanks so much for
the love and care you extend to your dogs.  It
makes all the difference.  Our puppies are
great and it all began with you.  I
recommend you to all I meet.
James, Stacy, Garrett, Colby, Courtney,
Maximus and Shilo
Harlyn is incredibly smart...."Heel, Sit, Stay,
Lay Down... she is already a pro at. She
loves to run, chase after birds, and her &
the cats take turns chasing each other
around the yard. Overall she's a normal
healthy & playful puppy!  Again, thank you
so much for probably the best puppy/dog
we could ever hope for.  With absolutely no
complaints, we really got lucky & we are so
thankful to have found a breeder that we
can trust.  We hope to get another pup next
summer; we will keep checking your
website for more litters in the coming
puppy, full of energy and extremely Thank
you for Bella.  She is a wonderful
intelligent.  I'll send pictures soon.  THANK
Thank you for Bella.  She is a wonderful
Amy, James, and Bella
It has been such a joy having Parker in my
life.  He is such a good boy-seems to have
a relatively calm demeanor for a boxer-but
don't get me wrong he LOVES to play,
especially outside & with other dogs.  
Getting so big so fast, and by the looks of
his paws, he still has a long way to go.  
Maybe he will be as big as his daddy!  The
last time I took him to the vet he was 24
lbs.- and that was at 3 months.  He is very
happy and healthy.  I am so glad I found
you guys.  Thank you all so much for
sharing him with me.
Just wanted to show you a picture of Mojo.  
He is our pride and joy!  He is already 30
pounds.  Thanks again for such a great
We are loving every moment of Billy!  He is
the best!
Thought you'd like a picture of our Jake!  He's
an awesome puppy and is so sweet and
well-behaved too.  Thank you so much for
such a wonderful addition to our family!  I've
had many, many compliments on how
beautiful Jake is, and I give everyone rave
reviews as to where he came from and how
to locate your website.
Hello!  Corin and our other dog haven't
stopped playing yet!  He's doing really well
and getting along with the cats!  We
absolutely just love him!  Thanks again!
I just wanted to thank you for Chloe, the
brindle female.  She has been an amazing
and loving dog since Day 1.  She loves
hanging around people and having the
attention on her.  She is great with everyone
in my family and loves playing with brother's
dog.  Again, thank you for Chloe.
Frio has turned out to be the best dog I've
ever owned.  She is so happy.  I want another
boxer from you guys.  I have been on your
website ever since I bought her, knowing that
one day I would want another one.
Thought I'd send you two photos of our
puppy's graduation from training.  We are so
happy with our lovely boxer and everyone
always comments on how beautiful she
is--we agree.
Here is Kaos!  I would like to thank ya'll for
giving me the greatest friend in the world!
She is doing great, absolutely in
LOVE. She has a wonderful
Murphy is really doing great,its like
he has always been a part of the
family. Vet said "he is very healthy"
The kids are giggling so hard they
all wear each other out. We are
having a ball.

I just wanted to touch bases with you
all to let yall know that the surprise
went very well. It's was great. I had a
nice bright red bow ready to be
received . She is loving her big
brother Brodie and we have named
her Snow. She is learning everyday,
goes to the door and starts
scratching. It's great. She is so
independent and loves to cuddle. I
have some pictures attached. We will
not breed her. And plan on the spade
vet appt maybe in mid Feb. We went
to the vet the very next day. By last
Saturday she was 11.6 lbs. Lynn and
I both thank you so much for a
wonderful addition to our family.