View from the far end of our kennel.
Each run is 10' x 60'.
Walkway into runs & Whelping rooms
6'x10' cement area in each run for
sleeping & eating with a 14' roof with
fans at each end for keeping our
boxers cool & comfortable.
Each Mom has her own entrance.
Each entrance has its own pet door
with secured access to a run.
Whelping building with 4 separate
rooms & 3 separate entrances. The
building has heat & air, with fridge,
storage & music 24/7.
Looking from main whelping room
through the entire building.  Each
room is separated by a 4-1/2' wall
with a  Climate-controlled
Opposite end of whelping room
looking into main area.  Fridge and
A/C are located in main room.  Fans
are also located inside building to
keep air circulating.
A look inside one of the whelping
rooms with Mom and pups in their 4x4
birthing box.  This will be removed
once puppies are able to move around
on all four legs.  Floors have
removable carpeting that is cleaned or
changed out regularly.
This is a view of the Boxer Playpen,
where everyone gets plenty of exercise,  
playtime and personal attention.